Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to change Union Bank Eon Transaction Password

Before doing this you need to call UB customer service (02)841-8600 so they will reset your transaction password an you will be able to nominate a new one.

Transaction Password Reset Procedure

When your transaction password has been reset you will be prompted to create a new transaction password. You as an follow the following procedure below:

1.) Login online using your Login details
2.) Go to "MY PROFILE" then, on the left side click "RESET TRANSACTION PASSWORD"
3.) Upon clicking the "RESET TRANSACTION PASSWORD" the system will prompt a confirmation
4.) Upon confirmation, the system will prompt you the default password -  it will be the last or first 10 digits of your ATM card number.
5.) Now you need to create a new password, one that is different from the last 4 transaction passwords you have previously used.  The system will prompt you for a successful "Password Change". 

That's it! Simple as 1-2-3. Now if you don't know which is your card number is a photo below for your reference.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sperm Facials: The new trend in beauty treatment

Yes, it is true Sperm Facials are the new trend today. Actually though the name sounds gross its not actually the real swimmers. The sperm facial creams that are used are actually factory made. The one responsible for creating a youthful glow effect from sperm facials is the Spermine. Spermine contains high anti-oxidants it is believed to slow down the aging and also help regulate the oil production in the face thus preventing or healing acne.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Professional Healthcare Career

Medical billing is essentially an area of health care. Professionals within this area have the effect of medical billing and coding with regards to keeping patient records and medical histories. Those who wish to enter this medical area must have some formal training. Regular schooling in addition to online schools offer certificate and degree programs within this concentration and invite people to pursue rewarding careers. Students during these programs learn how to operate software for this function.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vivisection in Sperm Facials

I do not agree with his believe, but I find his blog entertaining. I always find myself laughing at his thoughts!

"When I say “soured” I mean that everything I said from that point on was not well received. But I kept my cool. There was one chick in a fedora (huge red flag as it is a man’s hat) who kept going on about what a “powerful woman” she was and how guy’s couldn’t handle it.(Note to the ladies: It isn’t that guy’s can’t handle you, it is that they don’t want to handle you – because you aren’t worth the effort. If you looked like Paulina Porizkova, they would make the effort… trust me.)So I asked her to define what a “powerful woman” was and she went on about how she is “the boss” and that guys “had better get used to it.” When I informed her that she would never be successfully married with this philosophy, she protested that she knows plenty of relationships where this dynamic works.

I should point out that she professed to earn a living as a professional female comic (another huge red flag – as no guy finds female comics attractive) so I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not (about earning a living as a comic or anything else that fell out of her mouth for that matter).At this point she asks me what I think is the recipe for success in relationships, and I said that in my experience a woman needs to surrender to the man she is involved with.

When I said this, it was like I detonated a suicide vest or something because all the women at the table start screaming and cursing at me and telling me to “go the fuck away from our table.”

Find the blog here.